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The example of our ginger liquorice shows how liquorice is produced. This recipe was commissioned by kadó and developed in the food laboratory. Our salty sea urchins and our cinnamon glaze jelly are also exclusive kadó!

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Liquorice on behalf of kadó

 What does liquorice contain, how is liquorice made? Using our own recipe of ginger liquorice, we can show you how liquorice is made by hand. Because kadó commissioned a food laboratory specializing in confectionery to develop a liquorice recipe with a flavour of ginger and we accompanied the cooking process with photographs. Two kilos of "Basic Liquorice Recipe" were cooked and divided into 5 portions, each seasoned with a different ginger flavour. Liquorice has a strong taste of its own, so which of the 5 ginger flavours would withstand it?
After cooling down, the time had come, we tasted the portions and the best tasting recipe was the one with the ginger aroma from Berlin. The ginger macerate obtained in cold extraction from the Prussian spirits factory in Berlin was steadfast enough. The fiery ginger aroma harmonizes with the liquorice taste, the consistency is soft and crumple - a successful recipe, order fulfilled, but test it for yourself.
In addition to the crumple ginger cubes, a soft cinnamon liquorice jelly and a firm sea salt liquorice with gum arabic have now also been commissioned. And don't forget the kadó-letten - powdery pressed liquorice lozenges. More about the First own Liquorice-Recipe with Ginger...


Photo Gallery Liquorice Manufactory

The cupboard with its trays, where the starch is dried to keep the model in shape.
The model is gently pressed and formed into the starch by hand.
First the sugar syrup is cooked at just the right temperature and for just the right time.
After another round of cooking the dissolved pure licorice is added.
Stir and cool down for a certain amount of time.
The organic ginger extract for the special flavour.
Pouring the licorice syrup into the disposal tins before portioning it into the starch model.
Now work has to be quick before the syrup gets solid.
Freshly disposed licorice cubes in the starch model.
A layer of starch keeps the licorice from drying.
At least find a manufactory for this recipe.
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