Mix of salmiac liquorice

Mix of mild to strong salmiak liquorice
Anybody who doesn’t know salmiak, truly missed out. Salmiak is known as rock salt since ancient times and is today still being used as seasoning. Depending on the recipe, it gives licorice a sweet-savory or a sharp note. Did You already try our Filidutter? Scandinavian banana and lemon flavoured marbles filled with salmiak fizz powder. Yum! In our kado Salmiak Mix you can discover the whole range of salmiak – believe us when we say: this is licorice for grown ups!
Extra strong liquorice - not suitable for children
incl. 7.00% VAT excl. shipping costs.Time to delivery: 3 – 4 working days
sugar, glucose syrup, fructose syrup, wheat flour, modified starch, liquorice extract, cocos oil, gum arabic, ammonium salt, salt, flavour, vegetable fats, natural dye, gelatin, bees wax, milk powder, cocoa mass
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