A 500g kado-Mix+liquorice root+Amarelli, 20g tin in a present carton

kadó-Liquorice carton

A 500g kado-Mix + liquorice root + Amarelli, 20g tin in a present carton
This Kadó liquorice box contains everything what liquorice is about. First: the licorice root, the root were liquorice is made off. Second: a box with pure liquorice from Amarelli; and last but no least the sweet & salty liquorice recipes from all over Europe.
×20.50 €
incl. 7.00% VAT excl. shipping costs.Time to delivery: 3 – 4 working days
sugar, glucose syrup, modified starch, wheat flour, liquorice extract, ammonium salt, salt, gelatin, gum arabic, vegetable fats, flavour, milk powder, cocoa, colouring agent, natural dye, lecithin, citron acid, E 471, bees wax, carnauba wax
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