Liquorice in the Cinemas

Liquorice to the movie? Selected cinemas in Berlin offer some liquorice mixtures to the film. Sweet or salty, black-coloured and delicious. Enjoy a black eve!

Any plans for today? How about cinema? There is good liquorice for film in these Berlin cinemas:


Where else can you get kadó liquorice?

In the menu above you will find a wide range of good and different liquorice from Iceland to Sicily at our Liquorice -Shop.
You will also find a small selection of kadó liquorice blends on the 6th floor in KaDeWe.
The loose liquorice varieties at the self-service counter are unfortunately not available at the moment due to corona.


The kadó cinema spot

Which single retail shop has its own advertising clip that is suitable for the cinema? For the 20th anniversary of kadó we shot one, 30 seconds of great fun for the cinema screen! Read more about kadó is shooting a cinema spot here. In the 25th year of our existence, we have updated our cinema spot, cause kadó has switched to petroleum-free packaging. Also our cinema liquorice comes recyclable and plastic-free in the full glory of the cellglas bag.
The clip is shown from time to time in the cinemas listed above ... in all Yorck cinemas, Hackesche Hoefekino, Sputnik, filmkunst 66 and at fsk!
kadó in the cinema - here the spot is already on a small screen, enjoy!

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