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25 years of kadó. A liquorice journey in 6 memories from 1997 to 2022.
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Memories of 25 years of kadó

Fancy a little time travel without a competition? We have summarised the 25 years of our kadó liquorice life in 6 memories. You are cordially invited to play them online and enjoy yourself. And for those who like to nibble liquorice to play: Liquorice & Memorie is available as a real game, in a limited edition. The memorie cards are played and the liquorice motifs are snacked away. Mmm, see you soon!

2012 - 2016 kadó designs

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What did you see on the playing cards?

Here are the explanations from the kadó events of these 5 years.
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The idea behind the concept "To Good To Go", founded in Denmark, is to save food that would end up in the rubbish because of its appearance or because of the best-before date. Bakers, restaurants, grocery shops join in. Also kadó. In this way, both sides contribute to environmentally friendly waste avoidance. Those who can't pick up "to go" in person in Kreuzberg might "save" a kadó wonder bag marked by the expiry date online?

On our research trips, we always include a detour to the local flea market in search of old licorice tins. Frank usually has the right nose, with which dealer and in which box he has to rummage. Over the years, an exquisite collection of European boxes & tins came together, on display in our little shop window. Salmiakpastillen are certainly the best known liquorice in Germany - here 2 ingredients complement each other in the most effective way: liquorice and salmiak salt (ammonium chloride). Good against cough and hoarseness until today.

Liquorice advertisements and rare lithographs also found a new home at kadó.

This little red devil wants to spread terror on the Finnish liquorice package "Sisu Horna". For some liquorice monsters, this is a recommendation to try this mix of salmiac and violet flavouring. Sisu means strength of character, endurance, perseverance. When it comes to liquorice, nothing is too daring for the Finns - sisu!

The liquorice subscription. kadó has many customers who are regularly surprised by a liquorice shipment. Around the 10th of each month, the black mail arrives in the letterbox with a leaflet telling you what to taste this time. Over the course of a year, our European liquorice assortment is tasted - a feast for lovers and those who want to become one.

The decoration in the kadó shop window changes every 6 weeks. The "artists" from the team have a lot of fun putting ideas into practice, tinkering, building and painting. This window was professionally designed and shows liquorice flowers. Idea and realisation by Martina Dimitrova, freelance scenographer.

Only the best for our customers. How do we present good liquorice? In a beautiful bag. Developed and produced for us, a jewel exclusively at kadó. And from now on also on the 6th floor of Kadewe. Voilà, our chocolate-liquorice-marble-mix in a decorative bag!

The decorative box from kadó in its own design. Externally inspired by the leaves of the liquorice plant, it has room inside for 350g of liquorice. Here, for example, is our salt mix, which combines all the salty varieties from Iceland to Sicily, from lightly to heavily salted. Do you prefer sweet or the kadó mix of sweet and salty liquorice? Make your choice at kadó or on the 6th floor at KaDeWe!

Always on the lookout for liquorice truffles, we are actually surprised once in a while in Germany. The combination of marzipan and liquorice deliciously balances the delicate almond flavour with the tartness of pure liquorice. Covered in white chocolate, this praline is almost perfect. A greeting from northern Germany - MoinMoin Scandinavia!

kadó liquorice specialist shop. We show the liquorice diversity of Europe. For this purpose, we have introduced flavour categories at www.kado.de, each with an icon: Sweet and Mild, Sweet and Tart, Salted Liquorice, Extra Salted, Salmiak Liquorice, Liquorice Subscription, Liquorice Voucher, Liquorice Drinks, Pure Liquorice, Liquorice Boxes & Tins. What would you like or where do we start?

William Wires roams around Berlin and paints his perspective of Berlin. He also immortalised us by the way and since then the kadó liquorice shop has also been available on postcard. Every liquorice subscriber knows it, because this card is enclosed with the first liquorice shipment and explains what to expect liquorice-wise over the next 12 months. Everything is sent on its way from here - enjoy.

The voucher comes with the key to the liquorice paradise. Liquorice lovers sniff through the kadó liquorice variety according to their taste and indulge - shhh, please do not disturb.

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