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25 years of kadó. A liquorice journey in 6 memories from 1997 to 2022.
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Memories of 25 years of kadó

Fancy a little time travel without a competition? We have summarised the 25 years of our kadó liquorice life in 6 memories. You are cordially invited to play them online and enjoy yourself. And for those who like to nibble liquorice to play: Liquorice & Memorie is available as a real game, in a limited edition. The memorie cards are played and the liquorice motifs are snacked away. Mmm, see you soon!

2007 - 2011 kadó needs more space

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What did you see on the playing cards?

Here are the explanations from the kadó events of these 5 years.
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The first 10 years have flown by. kadó is becoming steadily better known among the liquorice monsters, through our stand at the weekly markets and through our specialist shop specialising in liquorice. The liquorice need more space and ideally there was a free shop directly opposite! The move was relaxed, together with friends and staff we formed a line across the street and shuffled the liquorice over to Graefestrasse 20.

Little by little, we were discovered by the media. The Tagesspiegel wrote about our mixture of web shop and liquorice retail shop, the SFB filmed a chat about liquorice with Uli Zelle, we were guests on Volker Wieprecht's radio programme "Shoppen & Stricken", the MDR searched for the one famous liquorice stick at kadó. Magazines from Germany and abroad reported on the curious one-product-shop in their "colourful pages" from Berlin, kadó is remarkable.

Inspired by Lotta from Sweden, we started with liquorice tastings at kadó. 90 minutes of informative and amusing facts about liquorice. A small 3-course meal accompanies the lecture and shows how liquorice is used as a spice in the kitchen. Liquorice schnapps will round off the black evening to which we would like to invite you.

Here you go - the liquorice cooking box. Now you can make magic at home with liquorice powder, syrup and confettura. Tasty meat sauces, liquorice on fish, ice cream or pastries, pear jam with liquorice? No problem, with the cookbook, our recipe cards or at liquorice-recipes.

The friendly Easter bunnies with a small liquorice backpack now regularly appear at kadó before Easter. We designed this packaging and in the pop blue they should also be found in the garden - before the sun does. Or the pet ...

Does anyone have any idea what this liquorice shoe might be about?

This shoe was made of liquorice in Pontefract (GB) for the film "Goldrush", 1925 by and with Charlie Chaplin. The scene in which the impoverished gold miner cooks and consumes his shoe out of sheer desperation became famous. How did they manage to do that during the filming? Licorice makes it possible.

Our liquorice knowledge in written form: The Black Passion. A joint work by kadó staff and the Thorbeck publishing house. Klaus Kreische took care of the texts, Maike Koch the recipes and I the photos, together with Dirk Soboll. Available here!

For the book research on sweet root and liquorice, we travelled through Southern Europe, rummaged in museums and libraries. In Berlin, Professor Dr Zimmer from the Botanical Garden is a source and inspiration for us. So kadó took over the sponsorship of the liquorice plant and the certificate was ceremoniously awarded. While we had marvelled at the abundant liquorice harvest in southern Italy, here in Germany we had to bend down to greet the godchild at eye level.

Tagliatelle alla Liquirizia! As I said, Italy and France are not afraid to use their herbs from the garden. There's liquorice, which is used to make liquorice, which-finely ground-adds a sweet and savoury note to pasta, basta. Served with a spicy tomato sauce? Or with mushrooms and parmesan? Or some prochiutto cotto with leeks - how about that?

Particularly good liquorice needs a particularly beautiful box. kadó is starting a collaboration with the Blind Workshop in Berlin Kreuzberg. Everything here is handmade by people with disabilities. Good things take time, and that's no different at kadó. First make good again and again, then calculate.

Still in search of the black delicacies, our liquorice assortment continues to grow and now the kadó online presence is also slowly contributing to sales. Catalogue adé, but how do you present liquorice on the web? Will customers ever order confidently food online?

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