Goodbye and Hello

Aloha - today with the meaning of goodbye

Our proverbial last interns on the premises of our liquorice shop, Milla Kolbe at kadó and Lovis Lucander at SympathieFilm, freshly captured the shop atmosphere (during covid times) of kadó. Lovis was allowed to design a short shoot entirely by himself, well and which topic is better than our outgoing liquorice shop, where the school friend is currently doing her internship? And was available as a camera assistent too. Here it is, Aloha, it was wonderful with you!

It's true, dear friends of the good taste of liquorice. Our days with our shop are numbered. Lucky for us, in addition to the liquorice shop, we have also been online for 24 years and will "only" be changing our mainstay from October 2021 onwards. The Covid era we have survived  well. The gentrification in the neighbourhood less  ...



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kadó from an intern´s point of view
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