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A few facts concisely told, informative and worth the read for a liquorice deep dive. What are the ingredients in liquorice? What is salmiac? How long have these black delicacies been available? This is where we chat away through our years of liquorice knowledge!

Cinema season

While shooting
Thread sample: thick enough?
kadó liquorice to the film
 Now that Berlin is slowly breathing in corona-free air again and enjoying "old" freedoms, open-air & inside cinema is allowed again in everyday life. It's nice when the enjoyable coincides with a good deed. Because the city's cinemas, large or small, had zero sales for months. Reduced places and a lack of blockbusters don't make it any easier, but at least something is working again. Now other films get their chance.
kadó has been associated with these Berlin arthouse cinemas for years, and we enrich the gourmet counters with liquorice. All mixtures are hand-picked surprise bags, "you can't see them in the dark" (joke ...). If everything goes well, we will soon be running our 30-second cinema-kado-licorice commercial! It can already be seen on the big screen in the fsk Kino Kreuzberg, Hackesche Hoefekino and filmkunst 66  from 1.7. . Caution: if you pee quickly before the film, you have missed the second best ...
See you in the cinema - black & delicious!

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