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25 years of kadó. A liquorice journey in 6 memories from 1997 to 2022.
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Memories of 25 years of kadó

Fancy a little time travel without a competition? We have summarised the 25 years of our kadó liquorice life in 6 memories. You are cordially invited to play them online and enjoy yourself. And for those who like to nibble liquorice to play: Liquorice & Memorie is available as a real game, in a limited edition. The memorie cards are played and the liquorice motifs are snacked away. Mmm, see you soon!

2017- 2022 kadó turns 25

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What did you see on the playing cards?

Here are the explanations from the kadó events of these 5 years.
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kadó liquorice to go with the film is already available in these Berlin (programme) cinemas. Now, every now and then, the kadó cinema spot can be seen on the big screen. Born out of a whim, all the predestined people suddenly have the time and inclination: the main actor, the composer for the background sounds, the director and cameraman, the lighting assistance and technology. Scene after scene is shot with concentration and after 16 hours, 30 seconds of pure pleasure are in the can. See it here and of course in the cinema!

Here kadó was captured by illustrator Sara Contini-Frank on one of her Sunday walks through the capital. We learned about it by chance and were fortunately able to buy the beautiful drawing at auction.

"Berlin on Sunday" sketches between 2014-2016, is the name of the series, have a look here.

The spontaneous visit of the two to kadó to "talk about licorice" took place in the context of their blog "Germany what's up '03". Fortunately, I recognized Hazel from the HeuteShow and suspected what was coming next. And so a funny liquorice talk ensured with an eager proband who bravely tried all the strange liquorice samples, considering that she, as a Swiss, had only heard of liquorice as bear droppings before.
Hazel Brugger and Thomas Spitzer, you start grinning right away. The pair has since turned the comedy scene upside down. Illustration by Jannes Weber.

And from this congenial banter, a new mix has emerged. Selected liquorice, gluten-free and sweet mild, voilà - the Hazelmix. Always carefully and deliciously put together by hand by the kado-lettes, like everything at kadó.
Only available at Hazel and in specialized liquorice shops. Lakrüetzi together!

There's trouble on the horizon - an investor has bought our store as a business model. That in itself is nothing to be afraid of. But here 2 opposing views meet: "live and let live" meets "what goes, is enforced". For all these years, kadó has contributed to the flair of the Graefekiez, which has now become interesting for yield-seekers from all over the world. The self-refurbished store is worth such more rent from one day to the next? Time to change the mainstay ....

It's called farewell to our beautiful store, the specialty shop in Graefestrasse 20 ends its career and is now fully dedicated to online mail store in Graefestrasse 68. A last celebration with musical "liquorice expelling" honors our "live and work" in these rooms. Captured in detail by Mila Panic and French paper artist Alice du Durand in this absolutely delightful folded card, our little shop will be remembered. Greetings & kisses, that feels good!

And so it comes that we switch completely to our second pillar and kadó continues online, now as a licorice specialty store from Graefestrasse 68. The foundation for mail order was already laid in 1998. In the beginning, customers chose licorice from the kadó catalog. 24 years later, the online store kado.de shows our licorice assortment in all its fullness. We will gladly accept your licorice order: should we send the black package or should you pick it up personally? Our whispering door still invites you to chat from and with licorice monsters.

This is how liquorice from kadó is presented at KaDeWe. When it became clear that we would have to give up our shop, the offer came from the house to show a small, fine liquorice selection here. And so it is, dear customers. From now on, you can buy here on the 6th floor or directly online via "click and collect" at kadó. Smak!

kadó in new splendour. We fill our liquorice in cellulose bags, environmentally friendly and plastic-free! They are made from wood residues. However, the bags are not as barrier-resistant as plastic, moisture can get in and out more easily. So: consume quickly, for example on a cinema night. Or decant into a bonbonniere with a lid.

Hachz! With the stand at the weekly market I started kadó. Now immortalized here in the Wimmel book "Germany - what's up?" Published Hazel Brugger, Thomas Spitzer and Jannes Weber. I feel very honored.
Lakrüetzi and Merci very much!

Black hearts for our liquorice customers, big and small, who tried liquorice with all their heart's desire. Thank you very much for enjoying liquorice and for your loyalty to kadó. Of course it's all about the liquorice, but it's also a little bit about the world around it. Read here some liquorice poems and please, will you tell us your liquorice story?

kadó turns 25 and we wish you much pleasure with the anniversary memorie. In these 6 memories we tell you about our liquorice life since 1997.
We wish you much pleasure, your kadóletten!

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